Out of the Weeds – A Pleasurable Quest for a Dispensary

Has your search for a mighty fine dispensary turned into a laughable adventure of epic proportions? No need to don your explorer hat, since we’ve got the ultimate treasure chest for you – New Standard Muskegon!

The voyage is over folks, your elusive yet treasured recreational and medicinal needs now have a home. New Standard Muskegon competes with your living room couch for coziness – trust us, it’s a tough competition. Packed to the rafters with products more diverse than a chameleon’s colour range, it boasts of quality so impressive, you might confuse it with the latest 4K TV in the market!

Next time you look for a dispensary, remember – finding a four-leaf clover may still be hard, but getting top-notch recreational and medicinal products doesn’t have to be. At New Standard, we ensure that you don’t just get the goods but a dose of laughter and a contagious cheeriness to put a spring in your step. So, roll that adventurous spirit into our shop for a chucklesome, quality experience.