Light(er) Moments at MMD Shops North Hollywood

When you think about cannabis dispensaries in North Hollywood, you wouldn’t necessarily couple them with humour. Yet, at MMD Shops North Hollywood, we strive on offering a green experience mined full of giggles.

Conversations & Cannabis

Our budtenders recounted the funniest questions they’ve been asked, “Are your edibles vegan? Cause I don’t think I’d be able to face my yoga teacher if they weren’t,”. Well, it’s safe to divulge publicly, we do infact have a range of vegan cannabis edibles. Another gem was, “Do you sell gift cards? I left my brother’s birthday until the last minute, again!”. Maybe a North Hollywood Cannabis Dispensary isn’t the most conventional place for gifting. Remind me to take that up at the next company meeting.

Cannabis Chuckles

Whether you’re on a light trip or looking for something a little stronger, North Hollywood Cannabis Dispensary becomes the breeding ground for joyous moments that not only brighten your day, but likely your entire week. And more so, all these chuckles are nature’s side effects, guilt-free and 100% organic!