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Open Source Paint Tool for GNOME Desktop As The Alternative To MS Paint

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Is there anyone, who never used MS paint? But MS paint is only for Windows users, Linux users might be using GIMP for the image editing. But, you have to make lot of effort to done the simple work.

The GNOME Developer Marcin Kolny has started working to create a new tool named as GNOME Paint and also it gonna be Open Source.

On his blog, Kolny wrote about his motivation to start this project and also he wrote that he wishes to dive deep into the GTK+ framework and if the app would be good enough, it might become a part of GNOME core apps.

Just in case you’re wondering about the current state of development of GNOME Paint, it’s in the initial stage of development–see the screenshot above. It’s far from the first release. Kolny hopes to showcase a simple demo during the lightning session at GUADEC.

I’m sure you’ll be excited to about the GNOME paint, if you’re an MS paint lover. Share your reviews and feedback.

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