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New Feature In WhatsApp: Pinned Chats

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With Billions of active users, WhatsApp becomes the real messenger for the world. The regular WhatsApp users may know the difficulty of managing the chats with plenty of crowded and very big list of chats and groups. WhatsApp orders the chat list based on the recent messages, that means the important groups or the conversations that you regularly chat could be quickly get buried deep into the crowd of chats.

WhatsApp’s latest beta update could fix this problem by allowing users to Pin Chats. In the beta version 2.17.162, the pinned chats feature has been added. 

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In order to pin a chat or group, you need to long press the chat or group and press the new pin icon in the action bar. Selecting this option would mark the chat or group as pinned and these chats will be unaffected by messages appearing in other groups.

As of now, WhatsApp allows users to pin only 3 chat. If the user tries to select more than 3 chats, WhatsApp will pop a notification message alerting the user that they cannot pin more chats and of course, users will be able to unpin  existing pinned chats.

The impatient once can enroll into WhatsApp official beta program in order to get access to all the new feature before they are released for everyone. Just be aware that beta version of the app could be buggy and may not always work the way you want it to. Make sure that you are backing up all your data if you are planning to enroll for the beta tester program.

I hope you would be excited  by this news. Don’t forgot to share your thoughts with me on comments.

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