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Microsoft Launches Its Lighter Version OS: Windows 10 S

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Recently Microsoft launched a new version of its Operating System called Windows 10 S. If you would ask me, i would call it as Alternative of Chrome OS. Windows 10 S is a lighter version of Windows 10 and it will be easy to setup and manage.

At an event in May 2 in New York, Microsoft launched a new version of Windows, i.e., Windows 10 S, a Chrome OS competitor. It’s actually the lighter version of Windows 10, that focused mainly on students and schools. All the apps for Windows 10 S will be downloaded from Windows Store and Windows 10 S is available for free download to school that already have the Windows 10 Pro installed on their computers.

Microsoft also having the Windows 10 S installed machines and it will be available to ship at this summer and  it starts from $189.

This new Operating System is being seen as Microsoft’s way of challenging Chrome OS and to the changing education. Over the past decade, Microsoft has seen schools making a shift to the cheaper Chromebooks. It can also be seen as a successor of Windows RT, which ran apps only from Windows store.

Just like Windows RT, everything that runs on Windows 10 is downloaded from the Windows Store. This means that the developers of many apps will need to repackage their programs and upload it on Windows Store.

During the onstage Demo, Microsoft showed that Windows 10 S will just take 15 seconds to get ready for students to log in and use for the first time. With a dedicated USB key, Windows 10 S can customise all the settings for a school.

Just like me, many of you would be wondering about the meaning of S in Windows 10 S. Well, S could stand for Schools.

Microsoft has partnered with different OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to manufacture the device running windows 10 S.

Hope, this might be an exciting news. Don’t forgot to share your views and feedback.

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