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Latest Vulnerability in Facebook Allows Anyone to Delete Our Photos

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If the bugs didn’t caught on Facebook, it causes lot of problems in our Facebook accounts. Like the new Facebook Bug/Vulnerability allowed anyone to delete our photos without our knowledge.

An Iranian Web Developer Pouya Darabi found this vulnerability in the Facebook’s new feature and he quickly reported the bug to the Facebook team in November 3. Two days later i.e., November 5th, he received an award of about $10,000 from Facebook for preventing potential damage.

Last month, Facebook lauched a new feature where, the GIF images and animations can be used in poll feature in Facebook. Here, when a user creates a poll, the ID number of the image used will be sent along with the poll.

Darabi has analysed the traffic and found, when a user creates a survey, the requests was sent to the Facebook servers. The file Id’s of gifs and images also includes attached to the polls and in URL. Where anyone can replace the image ID which will be processed by the Facebook server. Now the Bug has been resolved.

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