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Create Your Own Run Command in Windows 7

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As we know Run Commands in windows is the feature to open particular application or folder when we don’t know the exact location. There’s a way to create our own Run commands for all type of application and folders by few simple steps. By creating your own Run command, you can open all applications and folder with your custom name or command in Run.

Let’s get started:

Step 1:

On your desktop Right-click on an empty space and select New -> Shortcut from the context menu.

Step 2:

The Create Shortcut wizard will open and it’ll ask you to type or browse the file or folder to create a shortcut. Type the path on the appropriate field or click browse button to browse the exact location of the file or folder. Once you’ve done, click Next button. For instance, i’m creating Run command for VLC media player.
Step 3:

Now, type a name for that shortcut and hit the Finish button. I’d typed VLC as I’m creating Run command for VLC media player.

Step 4:

Now, you will find the shortcut you had created on your desktop as below:

Step 5:

Here comes the main part. Press Win + R and type %windir% , it’ll open windows folder from the C drive of your system. Now cut the shortcut you had created and paste it on that system folder.

You’re done! Whenever you want to open VLC media player, just press Win + R and type VLC and hit the enter.

Though I’ve shown the process for an application, you can create the Run command for any folder and file as well in the same way.

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