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Activate SECRET Dark Mode in YouTube

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If you’re using Google Chrome 57 or above, you can perform a little trick to reveal the hidden YouTube dark or night mode. 

Nowadays, most of the apps and even some websites having the option to toggle between dark and light mode. Which can be helpful during work at the night.

This Secret Dark Mode in YouTube was revealed by a Redditor paul-, who found the trick and shared with us.

Before going ahead and knowing about to activate YouTube Dark Mode, check out few YouTube Tricks I have posted already:

Before activating this trick, make sure you’re using latest version of Google Chrome browser i.e., version 57 or higher. We can use YouTube by two ways.

Trick – 1:

You could use YouTube Dark Mode by installing a chrome extension. Download the Dark Skin for YouTube™ extension.

Trick – 2:

Step – 1:

Open your Google Chrome browser on your PC or Mac and check for the latest version; update it, if required.

Step – 2:

Open chrome Developer Menu. To do, press Ctrl+Shift+I on windows and Optin+Command+I on Mac. You can also access the developer menu via Chrome menu.
Step – 3:

Now click on the Console tab and paste the following code and press Enter.


After pasting the above code, close the Console and reload YouTube website.

Step – 4:

Now, to access YouTube Dark mode, you need to click your avatar and in the drop-down menu, you would be able to see the Dark Mode setting.
Step – 5:

Now, click on the Dark Mode to find the on and off toggle. Use the toggle button to activate or de-activate  the YouTube Dark Mode.
Here’s how the YouTube Dark Mode looks like:
If you wish to work this trick in other browsers, read this article at Reddit.

At the moment, it remains to be seen if YouTube would launch this feature officially in a future update. Meanwhile, use this trick and save your eyes.

I hope you would like this trick and don’t forgot to share it with your friends and please make sure you’ve asked your doubts on the comment section.

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